First World War images

These images are from a large collection of original paper prints intended for use by the US press, discovered in Paris during an office clear-out some years after the end of the First World War (and then by descent to a member of my direct family).

They were filed by Sterling Heiliga US journalist and long-time resident in Paris, who was attached to the American Expeditionary Force (AEF) for the last two years of the war. Many of the prints have Heilig's original typescript captions, in long and flowery prose, pasted onto the reverse. Some of the images were no doubt published in contemporary US newspapers and magazines, but others may never have been published before.

For an example of Heilig’s post-war journalism, see hereThe Milwaukee Journal (2nd October 1921). This piece has a photo of Heilig and his wife in their apartment in Neuilly-sur-Seine, Paris.

If anyone can identify original published sources of the images, I would be delighted to hear from you. Click here to email me.

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