Arthur's letters - December 1917


Arthur 45

H2 Ward
St Luke’s War Hospital

11th December 1917

Dear Mother and Father,

Just a line in answer of your letter which I was please to receive and glad to hear you are keeping alright as my leg is going on alright up to the present. 

I got wounded in the left leg between my ankle and knee, near enough in the calf of my leg. It’s about 5 inches long, but never mind, I can stick this alright. It will be alright again one day that’s one good thing. 

I think I told you where I got hit. I got hit at Passchindale

I just say it will ease a lot off your mind to no that both your sons are in Blighty. 

I hope Fred doesn't have to go to France anymore. I shan’t unless I can help. I shall swing on them when I get back to the Depot, tell them I can't march. 

I thank you very [much] for those stamps. I can write to Fred’s girl now and tell her I receive her letter and packet of cigarettes she puts in with the letter. 

Is Lily getting married this Christmas? I think it is Dot's birthday this month, I don't no what day. I won't be too late anyway. I wish her many happy returns of the day. How is her young man getting on? Tell [her] she doesn't want to keep it secret as we like to no these things. 

Jim will be leaving school soon now won’t he? He will be a help to you. 

Does the old bike want some more new tires on? 

We get a pound when we come out of hospital. That will not be for a time. I hope you are all well. 

Have a happy Christmas. I just say the children have got a Christmas tree. We get some nice food, that's one good thing but not to beat one of your old meat puddings.

I am going to write to Mercy, poor old girl. 

I hope Father is alright. I don't know how I get him some bacca for Christmas. I get him some when I come out. 

I haven't anymore to tell you this time.

From your loveing son,


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